The research period under the FIRST program (“Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology”) is over. However, SuMIRe project is moving forward; HSC is producing lots of scientific results, and PFS instrument is being developed and built. Visit the following websites for more details:


August 6,2013
Subaru Telescope's M31 Image Processed by the HSC Data Analysis Software

August 6,2013
Aug. 8, Mini Lecture in the Super Science High School Fair

July 31,2013
A New View on the Origin of Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Image of M31 Heralds the Dawn of HSC -

June 13,2013
Cosmic Giants Shed New Light on Dark Matter

April 23,2013
‘Standard Candle’ Supernova Extraordinarily Magnified by Gravitational Lensing

March 22,2013
Mar 24, Kavli IPMU Public Lecture -Challenge for the mystery of the universe- will be on Ustream