Jan.12, 2011 (Wed) NHK BShi “Cosmic Front” Murayama will be a presenter.

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TV NHK BShi “Cosmic Front” Jan. 12, 2011(Wed) time: 20:00~21:29
【rebroadcasting: Jan. 19 (Wed) 10:00~ NHK BShi】
【rebroadcasting: Jan. 23 (Sun) 11:00~ NHK BShi】
【rebroadcasting: Feb. 11(Fri) 8:15~ NHK BS#2】
【rebroadcasting: Feb. 24 (Thu) 10:00~ NHK BShi】

■from the TV program web-site■
An Italian, Galileo Galilei is known as “the father of astronomy”. By his great achievement, just a part of astrology had made for the modern science. He observed the Jupiter, the Venus and the Milky Way Galaxy etc. using his own invented telescope and revealed the real feature of the universe. By his great achievement, variety of telescopes apeared here and there and eventually the image of the modern astronomy was created.

In this program a presenter will visit Italy where Galileo ovserved the universe and he will present the revoluton in science by Galileo. Also this program will see how effectively his innovated telescope had changed the study of astronomy for the following years. We will see the latest outcome with the 21st century`s telescopes and planetary probes.

A presenter: Hitoshi Murayama, a director of IPMU, the University of Tokyo

TV program web-site: https://www.nhk.or.jp/italy/space/
(Japanese only)