Naoki Yoshida, IPMU associate professor, gave a public lecture at Roppongi Academy Hills on 9th Feburary, 2011.

Date: Feburary 9, 2011 (Wed), 19:00 – 20:30
Venue: Academy Hills49 (Roppongi Hills MORI tower 49F)
Quota: 120
Organized by Academy Hills (Roppongi astronomy club)
Talk title: “Dark Universe – shining stars -”
URL: (Japanese)
*Need admission
*Japanese event

■talk introduction (from the above web-site)■
Where did we come from? Where will we go? This is a universal theme which our ancestors, philosophers and religious figures, have been asking since ancient time. The origine of the birth of living creatures, including our origine, has never been revealed. To uncover this simple but mysterious question, astoronomers are challenging to study for long.

Science discovered in 20th century that the universe began by the Big Bang 137 billion years ago.  

By this Big Bang, ・・・・
In spite of weekday, many business men & women jointed this event. We had animated and interactive talks.