On December 10, 2010, Murayama talked to the community of “KEIZAI-DOYUKAI” that is a membership of an economical group, and sent a clear message of 5 mysteries of the universe. You can read this summary in the following Japanese article.

medium press title issued date
magagine KEIZAI-DOYUKAI (No.731) A seminar for the community #1164; 5 mysteries of the universe and the status of Japan towards revealing mysteries.
( This English title is made by FIRST team at IPMU. )
Feb., 2011

Presenting 5 mysteries of the universe; “What is the universe made of?”, “How did the universe begin?”, “What is its fate?”, “What is its fundamental laws?”, “Why do we exist?”, our project is also given an expalanation as “Subaru-Telescope, on-boarding a huge camera exceeding 3 ton in size and a spectrogragh”.