On May 24 2011, Murayama (the PI for SuMIRe project) followed in Galileo’s footsteps as a presenter of NHK TV program, “Cosmic Front”.

medium broadcasted company title broadcasted date
TV NHK BS premium Cosmic Front※Japanese program May 24, 2011 (Tue) 21:00-22:00 【rebroadcasting: May 27 (Fri)0:00 – 1:00AM / May 30 (Mon)8:30 – 9:30AM】

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An Italian, Galileo Galilei is known as “the father of astronomy” and also famous for a heliocentric theory. He invented a telescope for the first time in the world’s history 400 years ago and observed the Jupiter, the Venus, and the Milky Way etc. to reveal the pure style of the Universe. Then he reached a conclusion that the center of the Universe is not the Earth.
Prof. Murayama, a theorist for Physics and the director of IPMU, the University of Tokyo, visitted Italy and folllowed in Galileo’s footsteps.

■the related TV programs -from NHK BS premium, Cosmic Front-■
“Cosmic Front Prologue -the Universe filled by total mystery-” broadcasted on April 3, 2011
★key words for SuMIRe project★”What is the Universe made of?” “dark matter” “What is the Universe’s end?” “Subaru Telescope” “The end of the Universe, Big Rip”

“the Hubble Space Telescope – Confronting the bubble structure of the Milky Way” broadcasted on April 5, 2011
★key words for SuMIRe★”the bubble structure of the Milky Way” “dark matter” “a gravitational lens”

“Confronting mystery of dark matter” broadcasted on April 19, 2011
★key words for SuMIRe★”dark matter”
※Our similar researching group, XMASS experiment (Kamioka city in Gifu prefecture, Japan), introduced in this program.

Referece: NHK BShi, Murayama will be a presenter on Galileo’ TV program