Murayama, SuMIRe PI, wrote another book.

medium press title issued date
book “Kodansha-BLUE BACKS-” “The multiple Universes!?” by Hitoshi Murayama
※This English title is made by FIRST team of IPMU.
July 20, 2011

This book will make you clear what we know about the Universe and what we do not, and take you to the last stage of “What is the Universe?”. You will also read lively talks from public lectures at each end of the chapters.

SuMIRe project is mentioned in the chapter 4 and 5 and it presents Dark Matter, Dark Energy, which both are key issues of our project, and Hyper Suprime-Cam & Spectrograph that are to be installed in the Subaru Telescope.

※Japanese book

A science writer, Mr. Kaoru Takeuchi, also recommends this book.

medium press title issued date
newspaper “Nihon-Keizai-Shimbun” The 3 best books of this week “The multiple Universes!?”-the cutting edge of scenario (by Kaoru Takeuchi) ※Japanese article July 27, 2011(Wed), evening edition, p13

A web magazine also recommends this.

medium press title issued date
web magazine KODANSHA “Gendai-Business” Ask this author; Hitoshi Murayama “The multiple Universes!?” ※Japanese article August 29, 2011