The theme of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was Dark Energy by observation of Supernova. Our project, SuMIRe, aims for uncovering the nature of Dark Energy. Japanese major media explained its details.

medium press title issued date
newspaper “Asahi-Shimbun” Discovery of Dark Energy -Nobel Prize in Physics Accelerating Universe- ※Japanese article Oct 6, 2011(Thu), p32

SuMIRe project is presented in this article as “The Subaru Telescope in Hawai’i will start observation using a special instrument. Murayama, the PI, also commented on the Nobel Prize of this year.

medium press title issued date
newspaper “Asahi-Shimbun” Accelerating Universe – ripping end? ※Japanese article Oct 31, 2011(Mon), p28

This article clearly explains the relationship between the accelerating Universe and Dark Energy. It also mentions SuMIRe project as “NAOJ and IPMU will start a new research on Dark Energy using a new camera, Hyper Suprime-Cam, next year at the Subaru Telescope”.  ※about Hyper Suprime-Cam

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TV NHK Science ZERO -Nobel Prize in Physics! Dark Energy makes the universe accelerate.- Dec 10, 2011 (Sat) 0:00~0:30 ※Guest: H. Murayama