PFS Conceptual Design Review -CoDR- meeting
March 19 – 21, 2012
Venue: Subaru Telescope, Hawaii’, NAOJ

We have summirized and finalized Conceptual Design Documents for PFS project at 2nd PFS collaboration meeting in January. We have then listed up scientific priorities and risks on schedule. This documents are to be submitted to reviewers in this meeting to be endorsed by the international community.

Press Release: Multi-Object Spectroscoppy on the Subaru Telescpe Moves to Construction

March 19 (Mon): Presentations by PFS team
March 20 (Tue): Discussion by review committee and its report
March 21 (Wed): technical group meetings within PFS team

CoDR team presentation prgram draft (modified on March 18th 14:00HST):
PFS CoDR 2012 March 19 in Hilo

8:30 Introductory remarks, including CoDR objectives (PI: Hitoshi Murayama)
8:55 CoDR program (Hajime Sugai)
9:00 Science requirements and Instrument requirements (Richard Ellis, Masahiro Takada)

10:20 coffee/tea

10:40 Instrument overview (Hajime Sugai)
11:20 Microlens (Naoyuki Tamura [Naruhisa Takato])
11:40 Fiber System (Antonio Cesar de Oliveira)

12:10 lunch

13:00 Prime Focus Instrument (Roger Smith)

13:30 Fiber Positioner (David Braun)
14:00 Spectrograph (Sebastien Vives)
14:35 Dewar & detector (Jim Gunn)

15:10 coffee/tea

15:30 Metrology camera (Shiang-Yu Wang)
16:05 System software (Atsushi Shimono)
16:20 Data reduction software (Robert Lupton)
16:55 Team organization, schedule, cost, risk management (Hajime Sugai)

17:35 coffee/tea

17:50 Discussion

18:40 End