An event, “SORA-HAKU 2010″ is held at Science Museum during Oct. 29 – 31, 2010. Our Principal Investigator, Murayama, will lecture you!

Brief Introduction:

Recent studies show that Dark Matter and Dark Energy play key roles in discovering the universe. Atoms surrounding us occupy only 5 % in the universe. The Dark Energy, which remains mysterious, is told that it can rip the universe in the end of its expanding. It might thus lead to the end of our universe! The nature of this darkside, as if a film of “starwars” shows, will show us how the universe has begun and how its fate will be like. These have been the biggest mystery of all humankinds since our history began.

Murayama will show you the cutting-edge research, particularly focusing on the nature of Dark Energy and the destiny of the universe.

* Need a SORA-HAKU ticket for listening this lecture.
*IPMU, the Unviersity of Tokyo, is participating this event as a supporter.
*JAPANESE lecture