Naoki Yoshida, IPMU associate professor, (SuMIRe member), talked about Dark Matter in a famous radio program.

medium broadcasted company program name broadcasted date
radio TBS radio “Kume Hiroshi radio program” broadcasting time 13;00~15:00 Oct. 23, 2010

*from Kume Hiroshi radio program*
We will have a special guest, Naoki Yoshida, an Astro-Physicist, at 2pm. This is the 4th presentation from IPMU-Univ. of Tokyo-. We will forcus on the mystery of the Universe with mathmatics. How can we close up by radio? Stay-Tuned.

Three researchers from IPMU have presented in this radio program.
May 23, 2009: Hitoshi Murayama (PI for SuMIRe)
March 13, 2010: Masahiro Takada (SuMIRe member)
July 10, 2010: Shigeki Sugimoto

Yoshida`s book introduced in the program