Murayama’s book, `What is the Universe Made of?’
was reviewd as ‘expectation of long seller’ and also it has selected as the best 3 books for this year.
*Since these are all Japanese articles, the titles below are all made by the FIRST-team at IPMU.*

medium press title issued date
newspaper ASAHI shimbun best seller ‘What is the Universe Made of?’ described the whole image of the Universe Dec. 5, 2010 (Sun), p13
newspaper ASAHI shimbun A book reviewer’s recommendation, 3 books for this year Dec. 19, 2010 (Sun), p13
newspaper TOKYO shimbun BOOK navi science “close-up elementary particle”* Oct. 17, 2010 (Sun), p9
newspaper NIKKEI shimbun Background of best sellers, “What is the Universe Made of?” easy reading for hard learning Nov. 17, 2010 (Wed) evening news
newspaper YOMIURI shimbun “What is the Universe Made of?” a writer, Hitoshi Murayama -multi-covering of the ‘Science’- Nov. 21, 2010 (Sun) You can read this airticle on JPN page.
newspaper YOMIURI shimbun “from Yomiuri” Dec. 19, 2010 (Sun)
newspaper AKAHATA “What is the Universe Made of?” ・・・closer to
the meaning of research
Dec. 5, 2010 (Sun)
newspaper Nikkan-Kogyo What is the universe made of ? -being interested in undiscovered science- Jan. 31, 2011 (Mon), p.28
newspaper Denki-Shimbun FOCUS Feb. 21, 2011
newspaper Shinano-Mainichi-Shimbun (KYODO News) interpreting fundamental study of particle physics -unable to stop revealing mysteries of the universe- Dec.3, 2010 (evening news)
newspaper Tokyo-Shimbun Reading the Bestsellers – clear message of mysteries of mathematics & physics Dec.28, 2010 (evening news)
magagine weekly GENDAI Full of mistery, “the universe” Oct.23, 2010 / p.122
magagine weekly TOYO KEIZAI listen to Hitoshi Murayama, a writer of “What is the Universe Made of?” Nov.13, 2010 / p.128~129
magagine weekly ASAHI the reasons of the best seller, close-up the mistery of the universe Dec.17, 2010
magagine PRESIDENT -time for reading- interview a writer, Hitoshi Murayama “What is the Universe Made of?” Dec.13, 2010 / p.151
magagine “Bungei-ShunShu” Interview a writer, Hitoshi Murayama “What is the Universe Made of?” Feburary Special edition (Feb.1, 2011 issued / p.438
magagine “Monthly HOSHI-Navi” Book Review Feb. 2011 / p.65
magagine “Fujin-KORON” Bestseller – making reveal unknown matter - Jan.22 2011 / p.68

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