January 8 – 12, 2012
 ROOM 4 in conference square at Marunouchi building (Jan 8 – 9)
 Lecture hall at IPMU (Jan 11 – 12)

Participant List
Final Circular
Jan 8 (Sun)
9:00~9:15 Coffee & Cookie

9:15~9:45 Project Overview (incl. team membership, funding plans, organization): H. Murayama
9:45~10:15 Project Status: H. Sugai
 ●project organization – project office memberships
 ●CoDR goals, charge and status
 ●timetable of project beyond CoDR, issues/challenges
10:15~10:30 discussion
10:30~11:00 International statements (5 min for each)
 ●Caltech/JPL: M. Seiffert
 ●Princeton: J. Gunn or M. Strauss
 ●LAM: O. Le Fevre
 ●Brazil: C. de Oliveira
 ●Taiwan: P. Ho
 ●JHU: T. Heckman

11:00~11:15 Coffee

11:15~11:35 Subaru view: H. Takami
11:35~11:45 SAC view: M. Takada
11:45~12:00 discussion

12:00~13:30 Lunch

13:30~14:00 Overview of prime-focus instrument: M. Seiffert
14:00~14:30 Overview of spectrograph: J. Gunn
14:30~15:00 S/N estimation of the PFS performance: N. Tamura & C. Hirata

15:00~15:30 Coffee & Cookie

15:30~16:15 Software issues: A. Shimono/R. Lupton/O. Le Fevre
16:15~17:00 Discussion (led by H. Sugai)
 ●collaboration structure/policy
 ●other issues

Jan 9 (Mon)
9:00~9:15 Coffee & Cookie

9:15~9:45 Science requirements for the CoDR: R. Ellis
9:45~10:15 Cosmology M. Takada/C. Hirata
10:15~10:45 Galactic archeology: M. Chiba

10:45~11:00 Coffee

11:00~11:30 Galaxy evolution: J. Greene
11:30~12:00 AGN/QSO: M. Strauss

12:00~13:30 Lunch

13:30~14:00 Discussion on high-resolution mode: led by R. Ellis/M. Chiba
14:00~14:20 N. Yoshida “Studying dark matter, galaxies, and supernovae in the era of wide-field spectroscopic survey”
14:20~14:40 M. Tanaka “Spectrophotometric redshift”
14:40~15:00 M. Hayashi “Comprehensive Views of Galaxy and AGN Evolution since z=1″
15:00~15:20 R. Takahashi “Revising the Halo-Fit Model for WMAP Cosmological Models”

15:20~15:45 Coffee & cookies

15:45~17:00 Discussion (led by R. Ellis & M. Takada)
 ●Connection between science and technical issues
 ●time line, tasks, action items for CoDR
 ●scheduling the next collaboration meeting
 ●plans for Jan 11-12 meeting

18:00 banquet