PDR詳細設計評価会議(Preliminary Design Review -PDR meeting-)

昨年2012年3月19日、PFS(すばる望遠鏡 超広視野多天体分光装置)チームは、装置の概念設計評価会議を成功に収めました。今回はその次のステップである詳細設計評価会議を開きます。評価者を招聘し各詳細設計に加え、技術、スケジュール、資金面等、あらゆる面でのリスクマネージメントが議論され、評価・コメントをいただきます。

PDR reviewers:

•Ray Sharples (Durham) – Chair
•David Crampton (HIA/NRC)
•Tomonori Usuda (Subaru/NAOJ)
•Hermine Schnetler (United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre)
•Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
•John Wilson (University of Virginia)

PDR team presentation program:

8:30 From Subaru director (Nobuo Arimoto)
8:35 Introductory remarks (Hitoshi Murayama)
8:50 PDR objectives (Hajime Sugai)
     including program
8:55 Instrument overview (Hajime Sugai)
9:25 FPRD
– science requirements (Masahiro Takada, Richard Ellis)
– flowdown to instrument (Naoyuki Tamura)
including error budget on the whole system
(cf. error budget on subcomponents will be included in each partner’s presentation.)
10:40 (coffee/tea)
11:00 Replies to CoDR review panel comments
including quick explanation of PDR documents
– management & technical aspects (Hajime Sugai)
– science aspect (Masahiro Takada, Richard Ellis)
11:30 Focal plane for PFS (Naoyuki Tamura)
11:50 Microlens (Naoyuki Tamura)
12:30 (lunch)
13:30 Fiber system (Cesar Oliveira, Ligia Oliveira)
14:30 PFI (Mark Schwochert, Shiang-Yu Wang, Reed Riddle, Dan Reiley)

15:30 (coffee/tea)
15:50 Fiber Positioner (Charlie Fisher, Larry Hovland)
16:50 Metrology camera (Shiang-Yu Wang)

8:30 Spectrograph (Sebastien Vives)
9:30 Dewar & detector (Jim Gunn, Steve Smee)
10:30 (coffee/tea)
10:50 System software (Atsushi Shimono)
including OCDD use case
11:50 (lunch)
12:50 Data reduction software (Steve Bickerton, Laurence Tresse)

13:50 Team organization, schedule, cost, risk management (Hajime Sugai, Hitoshi Murayama)
15:10 (coffee/tea)
15:30 AIT at Subaru (Naoyuki Tamura)
  (cf. AIT of subcomponents, including spectrograph AIT at LAM and PFI AIT at JPL-CIT
   will be included in each partner’s presentation.)
16:00 Calibration tradeoff studies (Jim Gunn)
16:30 Other tradeoff studies (Naoyuki Tamura)
  (cf. tradeoff studies on subcomponents will be included in each partner’s presentation.)

17:00 (coffee/tea)
17:20 Discussion

discussion within reviewers
~1pm: reports from reviewers
technical group meetings

technica group meetings