A SuMIRe collaborator, Dr. Jason Rhodes, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA), was shown on NHK TV program.

medium broadcasted channel title broadcasted date
TV NHK BS Cosmic Front “Dark Energy-Discovered! the Accelerating Universe” Sep 13, 2011 (Tue) 21:00~22:00

■from NHK web-site■
“Dark Energy” that is now hot topic among the scientists from all of the world. It is so mysterious energy that the current physical law cannot explain this so far. Because It is “anti-gravity”, the Universe causes accelerating expansion. Now how can be done this big discovery of the century!? We will close up the research front line with direct interviews.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory was presented and Dr. Jason Rhodes talked about his study of Dark Energy. Dark Energy is a key element of the SuMIRe program and he is a team member of PFS (Prime Focus Spectrograph) development, one of the two mainstays of the SuMIRe.

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